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How to Use Google Analytics
March 12, 2014, 10:30 am
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Google Analytics is a great free (yes free) tool for analyzing your website traffic.   If you website doesn’t currently have this feature, go to and “sign up now” and follow instructions on how to set up.

Once your analytics are set up, now you are ready to get an overview of your website’s performance by log in into Google Analytics and going to Website Profiles to view reports.  At the top of the page is a charge that provides a visual representation of your site traffic over the past month.  You can change the span of time by clicking on the display and adjusting the dates accordingly.

Site usage will give you quick information on how many visits there were to your page (visitors), how many times pages (page views), on average have been viewed, what percentage of users left after viewing only one page of your site (bounce rate), how long user spent on your site (average time on site) and what % of users have not visited your site before (new visits).

The Visitors Overview graphic View Report will give more detailed information about your visitors.  Note that the number is usually lower than the visits statistic because some visitors may visit your site over and over again.

Map Overlay displays what countries your visitors are coming from.  Click View Report to receive in-depth information on where your visitors are coming from.

Traffic Sources overview shows which percentage of users are getting to your site by typing your URL directly into their browser vs using searching engines, referring sites, etc. Click on View Report for details on breakdowns.

Content Overview specifies the top five most viewed pages over the time period you are looking at.  You can click on the name of the page to get details information about where the people viewing that page came from, how long they spend on the page and how many were new visitors.  View Report gives you the performance of all pages on the site.

The above is just the basics, but they are a good starting point for you to learn about your website’s performance.

Katrina Noble

Media Director


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