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Sublimimal Messaging or Smart Design?
July 25, 2013, 1:00 pm
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We see hundreds of logos every single day, but many times we just see them and don’t really look at them. When people breeze past logos, they often miss the beauty of the design and can even miss a hidden message that the designer worked so hard to encorporate.

Here is a list of 10 logos (some you may recognize) that have hidden messages. Perhaps it’s sublimanal messaging from the company or maybe just smart design by the designer. I’ll let you decide…Logo_Kisses

Hershey’s Kiss: Just type? Look again… can you find the hidden kiss?



Baskin Robbins: You’ve probably seen this one before, but can you find their 31 flavors?




Fed Ex: Again, another popular one. The arrow is the hidden object in this logo.




Bronx Zoo: Giraffes and birds… cute logo. Wait, is that a city skyline?




Vaio: You may have to be a technology guru for this one. The “VA” represents an analog waveform and the “IO” is a nod to binary code.




Washington State University: Go Cougars! On second thought… those are the initials WSU.




Wendy’s: A hot topic of conversation after the recent redesign. Do you believe her collar really says, “MOM”?




Eighty 20: Another techie logo. The company name is spelle out in binary code: 1010000 (80) is the top line and 0010100 (20) is the bottom.




Spartan Golf Club: It took me a second, but I finally found the double image. Do you see the golfer? How about the spartan?




El Tour de France: Perhaps my favorite hidden message because it was the hardest to find… you’ll love it too once you find the cyclist!

Kristen Oaxaca, Graphic Designer


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