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6 Things Sales People Should Not Do
June 18, 2013, 1:33 pm
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As a Media Director, I get to interact with a lot with sales people.   I have found that the most successful sales people have a skill called “emotional intelligence” ~ they can key into their own emotions and others.  If you lack this skill, you are probably making the following mistakes resulting in a lack of sales.

1)    Failure to make an emotional connection – People buy from people they like and we like people in direct proportion to how they make us feel.  Go out of your way to match a customer’s needs and they’ll keep coming back.

2)    You suffer from jabber jaws – we all know sales people love to talk but they forget to listen.  Watch for body cues that clients have had enough.  Start your conversation by asking them “What is the end result of what they are seeking?”

3)    You lack self-awareness – determine what your sales style is so you can understand what works and what doesn’t work.  Are you an Aggressor?  A Storyteller? Socializer?

4)    Unable to adapt – you need to have the flexibility to handle change and be open to new ideas in order to increase your opportunities to sell. 

5)    You are not authentic – throw away the scripted sales pitch, we know it’s a script.  Instead prepare for your meetings by doing a little research on your potential customer and speak from the heart about what you can do and what you can offer.

6)    You lack humility – it is always a smart thing to show respect for the client’s position and recognize their knowledge.  Humbleness requires us to know our triggers and to know how to manage our emotions.   

Katrina Noble, Media Director


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