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4 Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rate with Compelling Subject Lines
June 11, 2013, 11:28 am
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Did you know that the average email user receives more than 70 messages per day?  If your company is using emails to market to you customers, it is extremely important that you grab their attention quickly so they don’t hit the delete button.   Here are some tips when typing your next subject line:

1)    Keep is short – research shows that subject lines with 10 characters or less have higher open rates (over 51%).  If this amount is too small, try to limit your character count to no more than 40.

2)    Call to Action – encourage your recipients to act now by including a deadline (40% off this Friday only).  This tactic encourages people to open the message immediately instead of sitting unopened.  A discount or special offer always gets attention.

3)    Be precise – explain exactly what your message is about (save 30% off your electric bill) and make sure it matches what is in the body of the message or you will irritate the recipient and they will quickly unsubscribe from your list. 

4)    Use a number – when people see a number, such as “3 ways to save on insurance” they want to open the message and see what the 3 ways are to save.  Using numerals instead of spelling the numbers out also help cut down on the total charter count.  See item #1. 

5)    Personalize – No that doesn’t mean sticking a person’s name in the subject line. Instead try to segment your email list by purchase history or another qualifier then send out tailored messages to the smaller groups.   “we just got in the new xxxx accessory product for your Smartphone”.

Katrina Noble, Media Director


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